Viewing Report

  • 1x Bank Robbery (F)
  • 3x Attempted Murder of a Government Official (F)
  • 1x Assault & Battery (Government)
Officers Involved
  • [201] Silver, Nick
  • [333] Malyshev, Jasper
  • [411] Petersson, Quinn
Arrived on scene to 4 individuals taking shots on officers from an active bank truck robbery where as 2 of them kept myself pinned from the front under cover and the others fired on officers from the rear of the building. Officers attempted to surround the building when the suspects pushed in on our forces and critically injured 3 of us leaving only Jasper mobile. Individuals possibly had class 3 weaponry with silencers in which they would keep one of us focused at all times. Individuals left little to no trace and took off in the bank truck once officers were downed.

06PIF229 Oracle Custom


James is the original warrant writer