Viewing Report

  • 1x Kidnapping (F)
  • 1x Bank Robbery (F)
Officers Involved
  • Davis, William Gunslinger
  • Williams, Victor
  • [302] Jones, Harrison
  • [304] Bacon, Chase
  • [345] Mcburney, Les
  • [369] McBurney, Melvin
  • [440] Jefferson, Ricardo
  • [447] Burpski, Wyatt
LEOs arrive on the scene at the bank robbery located in Harmony. Suspects have a hostage. They proceed to rob the bank and soon leave in their vehicle. Leading officers in a chase. Eventually, the suspects being lost in the chase. 377 checking the area for evidence gathered fingerprints belonging to Coltan Wolf. Tested at MRPD come back to him was positive.