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  • 2x Bank Robbery (F)
  • 4x Aggravated Battery against a Government Official (F) (2P)
Officers Involved
  • [300] Bacon, Chase
  • [338] Johnson, Dumah
  • [466] LeBlanc, Jack
  • [499] Xiao, LiQuin
502 | Cadet BiQuin Biao - Los Santos Police Department
Date Of Booking: 10/12/2021
Incident Debrief:

I, BiQuin Biao was patrolling the streets of Los Santos with LiQuin Xiao. A few moments later, we got two 911 calls of a bank truck robbery at the Daily Globe. Myself, LiQuin and other units responded lights and sirens to the calls. Upon arrival, I saw at least 4-5 suspects on the roof. They immediately started to shoot. The suspects were shooting class one weapons. I communicated to the other units to get the whole situation under control and situated. I was on top of the red garage (Garage D) while the other units were at their own spots, holding different angles. We returned back fire (class one). 499 LiQuin Xiao was the first unit to go down. I had to move my vehicle because I was in a very bad position. I advanced down out of the red garage to get a better angle. 338 Dumah Johnson was the second unit to go down. It was myself, Chase Bacon and Jack LeBlanc that were left in the intense gun fight. Chase Bacon was holding a very good angle, I headed towards him. While in the process of trying to get to Chase Bacon's location, Officer Jack LeBlanc managed to take down one of the suspects down. But Officer Jack LeBlanc went down right after. After making it to Chase Bacon's location, we decided to fall back. While falling back, Chase Bacon saw one of the suspects running towards him. I saw the suspect and opened fire. But then the whole city's head popped except for mine and few others. I was still alive and I ran away into a bush while I waited for the other units to come back from their head pops. From there, the scene ended and I went back to the spots to collect evidence. I ended up finding blood which came back to Doug Lee Krauss.

Treated: WARRANT
Miranda Rights: WARRANT
Plea: Not Guilty
On Scene Evidence:
502 BiQuin Biao