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  • 1x Kidnapping (F)
  • 1x Robbery (F)
Officers Involved
  • [100] Bacon, Chase
  • [411] Jutismo, Harold
  • [666] Brewer, Dinkle
  • [704] Burpski, Wyatt
  • [777] Rogers, Chain
Corporal Ricky Johnson - Los Santos Police Department
Date Of Warrant: 22 November, 2021
Incident Debrief:
Units got a call for a Jewelry Store in Progress. Units responded and arrived on scene with a purple limo and 3 hostages. Roles were given out and Ricky Johnson stayed back with the hostage. The Demand was safe passage, no spikes, all officers on scene have to take there clothes off, and drive backwards. Ricky cleared the hostages and then cleared the store and found a bunch of finger prints. Ricky Johnson ran the prints and some came back to Dallas O'Shea.
Treated: Warrant
Miranda Rights: Warrant
All Relevant Evidence Photos:
Prints Coming Back to Dallas O'shea:
Prints on Scene:
Pockets :