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  • 1x Bank Robbery (F)
Officers Involved
  • [444] Lopez, Kyle
  • [499] Brewer, Aaron
  • [588] Riao, ChiQuin
  • [666] Brewer, Dinkle
  • [842] Wright , Winston
  • [847] Cooper, Blake
Incident Debrief: I, Deputy Arlo Dixon, responded to a bank robbery in the Hawick Ave. area along with the listed units above. Inside the bank there were 2 individuals with mostly black clothing and 1 hostage. The original individual (Chiquin Biao) that was holding the hostage at gunpoint had to switch out with the individual doing the drilling in the back of vault due to head issues, and presumably not having gloves, left behind fingerprints all over the safety deposit boxes. I took the hostage after the suspects were ready to leave the building, and a vehicle pursuit ensued. However, the units involved in the vehicle pursuit had to break off of the vehicle pursuit due to a officer pressing their panic button (10-78 Officer needs immediate assistance)

Treated: Warrant
Miranda Rights: Warrant
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Pockets : Warrant