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  • 1x Kidnapping (F)
  • 1x Bank Robbery (F)
  • 1x Brandishing of a Firearm (M)
Officers Involved
  • [245] Mcburney, Les
  • [569] Schrader, Eric
  • [610] LeBlanc, Daniel
Deputy Lou Wolf
January 11th, 2022
Incident Debrief: Dispatch called in a Robbery on BLVD Del Perro, Les Mcburney, Daliel LeBlanc, Eric Schrader and Lou Wolf, responded to the call. Once on scene there was a hostage, identified as Blaze Bennett. Negotioans took place and a pursuit took place. Lou Wolf(my self) stayed with hostage and cleared the scene. At the vault door there was 2 finger prints and one inside the vault. I took it to VPD and had it analyzed. Came back to one Tyler Moore.

Treated: Warrant
Miranda Rights: Warrant
All Relevant Evidence Photos:
Finger prints on scene
Finger Print Results


Pockets :